How to import VAT Out and VAT In?

Read this article How to export history database from eFaktur DJP if you want to migrate or us OnlinePajak application for generate tax invoice.

Our system can find your transactions that have been approved by the DGT (Directorate General tax) so you can report taxes easily without losing data.

Please follow the guidance below :

  1. Click "Add",
  2. Click Impor Tax Invoices,
  3. Select the file you have downloaded from the e-SPT application or use the CSV file provided by OnlinePajak, (if you already have the CSV File data from the desktop e-Faktur, then there is no need to download the example format)
  4. Click "Choose File" and then click "Upload"
    you can download the format example if you want.
  5. Wait until the process is done, then you can check the status import in "Bulk & Impor" make sure that you choose the correct tax period   


The CSV file is issued by the e-Faktur Desktop


This is an example of writing a CSV file for a vendor with only a NIK or NPWP.